4 Reasons You Should Get Involved In The 3 Day Walk

small__4058428565If you’ve just heard of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk, you’re probably wondering what it’s all about.  Streets are blocked off, pink is everywhere, and it looks like everyone is having a big celebration.  After reading this blog, you’ll know more about the 3-Day event and you won’t be able to wait to get in on the fun for a serious cause.

Aside from the U.S. Government, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization is the largest nonprofit funding source for breast cancer research.  From the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk event, 75% of the profits go towards funding research to end breast cancer forever, while the other 25% stays in your community to help our neighbors with financial, social, and medical needs.  By participating in the 3-Day walk, you’ll experience the following:

60 Miles Over 3 Days

The event starts on Friday, October 18th and ends with closing ceremonies on Sunday, October 20th.  Each day, participants will walk 20 miles with the goal of raising awareness for breast cancer research.  The organization offers training tips here.

Be a Part of a Community

After your 20 mile walk each day, you’ll be welcomed into the 3-Day camp with a hot shower, meal, pink sleeping tents, and entertainment.  Hang out with your new friends at the 3-Day camp’s “Main Street”!

Celebrate Life!

Breast cancer is serious, however walkers also like to have fun.  People dress up in bold, pink outfits and decorate their tents with fun, pink items.  Along the way, you’ll also enjoy themed pit stops.  The 3-Day walk is a weekend that will leave you feeling energized and celebrated.

It’s Bold

There is no other walk or breast cancer event that asks you to walk as far or to raise as much money as the Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk.  You’re playing a serious role in the fight against breast cancer.

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