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Private Issue’s collection is the first wig line for women to feature Cyberhair® – a technologically advanced hair that is virtually indistinguishable from human hair. Cyberhair® is light as a feather, soft and silky, with rich hues and subtle, shimmering highlights.

With Cyberhair® you can live your life to the fullest: work, sleep, swim, exercise, even enjoy intimate moments without worrying about your hair. Because of its unique “style memory,” your Cyberhair® wig requires no styling and only basic maintenance to keep it looking good.



Cyberhair® is the most revolutionary hair available in the world.

We’ve invested over ten years in research and development to bring you the newest innovation in hair. Cyberhair® is so technologically advanced, no other hair matches it’s beauty and durability. Be as active as you want. Wet or dry, Cyberhair® will look great – guaranteed!

Men and women in Europe, Asia and the U.S. have discovered the secret to a fabulous appearance with this exclusive, natural looking solution.

Imagine hair that looks and feels like your own!


HairSupport_ImageHair Support is a hair loss treatment program for those experiencing thinning hair, or whose hair requires revitalization. Hair Support consists of the latest technological procedures to cleanse blocked follicles and stimulate the scalp, increasing blood circulation for more healthy hair. This revitalizes the hair follicles and releases dormant hair – hair which has been trapped underneath the scalp by a build-up of oil and hair care products. By capitalizing on this, Hair Support is an effective treatment for hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia areata and baldness.

Hair Support products are the perfect compliment to Micro Point® Solutions hair, and were developed to work beautifully together. These products will keep both your own hair and your Micro Point Solutions® hair healthy and strong.