performaxx adhesives Medical adhesive 1 oz. (brush applicator) – When additional security is desired, you can place a few drops of Medical Adhesive directly on tape, following directions on the bottle

Liquid Adhesive 1/2 oz. (brush applicator) – Provides additional attachment security for all hair systems.






Performaxx Skin protectorSkin Protector 1.4 oz. (Dab-On) – Specially formulated for use with adhesives for best adhesion strength and skin protection








performaxx tapesPerformaxx Tapes – Offers variety of contours to match with different shapes and sizes. Good average tape offers hold for up to 2 days.








Performaxx AlcoholPerformaxx Isopropyl Alcohol 4oz. (spray on) – A solvent for gums, shellac, and essential oils. Used to remove stickness from the base of system when cleaning.








Admatte tapesPerformaxx AdMatte Tape – Various contours, This is a super Sticky and thick tape designed to assist the active wearer. This tape is commonly called swim tape. It holds longer and lasts longer than most other tapes.





transpore TapeTranspore Tape – Used to repair a tear in base until repairs can be made or new system is in.







ProRollPro-Roll – Used on entire perimeter of base to provide security and ease of wear.