New Horizons offers the latest and most advanced hair systems available. These advanced hair systems were developed with breakthrough, advanced technology that helps make them extremely durable and attractive. We also offer many services that will help you maintain the health and beauty of your new look, long after your solution is created. Personalized Services Available at New Horizons:

  • Custom Hair Enhancements for both men and women
  • In-house Servicing and Repair to existing hair systems, including hair adds, repairs and color
  • Customized Hair Prosthesis for cancer patients and others with medical hair loss
  • Daily and Extended Wear hair systems
  • Six Different Types of hair attachments
  • Six Different Scalp and Bonding Treatments
  • Permanent Waves and Color
  • Deep Conditioning and Rejuvenation
  • Haircuts, shampoo and style for both men and women


Hair Enhancement Pricing:

All prices are subject to change depending on base size, construction, length of hair etc… For more information on actual pricing book your free consultation today.


  • Top of the head human hair 8 inch in length $1500.00
  • Synthetic short hair wig $495.00
  • Synthetic long hair wig $600.00
  • Synthetic Long layer wig $675.00


Attachment Options

Clip Tape $62.00
Perimeter Bonding Short Mens $100.00
Perimeter Bonding Short Womens $120.00
Perimeter Bonding Medium $130.00
Perimeter Bonding Long $140.00
Scalp Bond $115.00
Snap/Line $74.00
Snap/Line Shampoo $79.00
Snap/Cable $129.00



Color Refresher Short $15.00
Color Refresher Long $25.00
Color Head/Short Thin $68.00
Color Head/Long Thin $89.00
Color Head/Short Thick $75.00
Color Head/Long Thick $101.00
Color Unit Short $68.00
Color Unit Long $89.00
Eyebrow Color $12.00
Foils Partial Long Unit $75.00
Foils Partial Short Unit $60.00
Frost $90.00
Full Foils Long $125.00
Full Foils Short $100.00


Conditioning Treatments

Deep Conditioning Short $55.00
Deep Conditioning Long $70.00
Rejuvinate $49.00


Extensions           Per Consultation



Haircut $32.00 (M) $37.00 (W)
Trim $15.00



Links $350 per 600 hairs


New Client

Consultation 1st Free, all others $50.00
Mold $150.00



Perm Short $60.00
Perm Long $86.00



1/4 Hour Hair Add $25.00
1/2 Hour Hair Add $45.00
3/4 Hour Hair Add $79.00
1 Hour Hair Add $90.00
2 Hour Hair Add $180.00
Base Repair $55.00
Hair Add (not purchased here) $100 per hour


Straightening Treatments

Flat Iron $39.00
Keratin Smoother Short $135.00
Keratin Smoother Long $150.00



1/2 Wave $50.00
Blow/Set $50.00
Blow/Set Senior $39.00
Full Rewave $60.00
Shampoo Unit Short $30.00
Shampoo Unit Long $38.00