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At New Horizons, we strive daily to be both compassionate and highly competent in creating solutions that are just as unique and wonderful as you are.

Trained in the most innovative hair techniques for hair loss, hair replacement, and hair restoration, we maintain the highest standards of ethics and professionalism and we treat all of our client with the utmost respect.

We offer healthy, attractive solutions for fine, weak and thinning hair. Our state of the art technologies provide the most natural, undetectable, non-surgical solutions in the industry for both men and women.

Hairloss Atlanta Georgia and Alpharetta Georgia Specialists

Many people are looking for Hairloss solutions. There are a number of excellent options out there thanks to the advances made in this type of technology. Whether you are interested in complete hair recovery or need to work with what you have left, there are some excellent sources to bring you to the right results for your specific hair loss situation.

Figuring Out What You Need

Every person is different and there are a number of things that determine what type of hair replacement they need the most; or what hair restoration has to offer. Some people have lost all of their hair and need a complete replacement while others need to simply take advantage of what they have and use it to attach new hair to. The hair systems we have to offer can completely change your look.

Men and Women

For many years there was a thinking that only men needed to find hair restoration professionals. It is now common to see women seeking out these services and seeing excellent results from the help. Hair loss professionals can offer you a consultation to discuss your type of hair loss and what they can offer you for assistance.

Timeline for Results

Because every individual is different there is no set timeline on the length of time for the treatment in order to get the results you are looking for from hair restoration professionals can offer you. If you are expecting a full recreation of your hair you should expect it to take some time. If you are actually re-growing your own hair it could take a little longer. Do not get discouraged if you find that it is taking you a bit longer than you thought.

Making the Decision

Being embarrassed about your lack of hair does not have to be a way of life. You can have a full head of hair in a fair amount of time without any embarrassment. Taking action as soon as possible can get you to your goal faster. You will see yourself as a younger you and before you know it you will be enjoying life the way you always thought you would. The hair systems professionals have for you can make a difference.

What to Expect

When you first meet with a hair loss professional about getting your head of hair back you will likely go through a consultation process that discusses your family history of hair loss, your personal history of hair loss, your medical history and your hopes for the future of your hair. This will help them to suggest an appropriate course of treatment for your situation. This will also help them determine how you suffer from hair loss in the first place. Changing your future starts with a consultation with professionals.